A Glimpse of Who I Am

Hello, my name is Dale Roberts and here is a very abbreviated story of my life.  All of my life I have traveled.  When I was young it was usually car camping with my parents around the Western United States.  It was not until I moved to Lake Tahoe to pursue a career as a professional ski bum that I finally got a passport, bought a plane ticket and ventured forth to experience a new country.  My first trip was  to Europe in 1978 for a 2 month low budget vagabond journey around the continent.   I learned travel need not be expensive.  The less you plan in advance,  the more travel becomes an adventure once you arrive.  Eventually I combined 2 of my passions: Travel and Bicycling.  In 1990 I sold everything I owned except for a few items, packed those on a bicycle and headed West.  After close to  2 years of leaving home and riding in a Westerly direction I returned home.  I rode approximately 25,000 miles around the world and experienced 33 countries on a very intimate level.  Currently I have traveled to about 69 countries (I still need to make an official count) and all 7 continents. 

Oh yea, skiing still is my greatest passion.  With my partner and the love of my life Linda, we have now skied at 34 ski areas in 6 different countries.  Not only do we share a passion for skiing but a passion for travel as well.  Currently we have traveled together to 24 countries on 6 different continents.  Where to next?  Only time will tell.

As far as the rest of my life goes, what did I do if not traveling or skiing?   Professionally I have worn many hats.  I was always searching for the job that if it did not give me enough income in the summer to take off the winter, the least it would do is give me enough time off to ski.  To that end I have worked as a hard rock underground miner, carpenter, professional ski patrol, ski mechanic, bicycle mechanic, sewer worker for a local public utility district and eventually became a contractor.  Along the way I became an accomplished Nordic ski racer as well as an alpine skier.  For a few years I  skied as a Competitive Blind Skier Guide for the United States Disabled Nordic Ski Team.   At the ripe old age of 40 I returned to school and became a Registered Nurse, moonlighting as a snowcat driver grooming snow at a Nordic ski area.  Now retired, I look back and reflect that as a professional ski bum I did quite well.  I have never worked a full time, Monday thru Friday, 8-5 year round job in my life and amazingly I have accomplished all I have set out to do.

To fill the "empty" hours of my life you will still find me skiing, hiking, riding bicycles (both mountain and road) kayaking,  sailing other peoples boats,  perfecting my culinary skills (trained chef but never worked as one) and of course honing my photographic art.

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